Tips to Keep Mosquitos Away From Your Home

With summer coming up, many people are making plans for outdoor events and celebrations with loved ones after spending a long winter indoors. However, mosquitos have other plans for people when they arrive. The pest is a nuisance that bites its unsuspecting victims, causing an intense itch and a welt behind. Mosquitos ruin outdoor fun very quickly but you can keep them away. Use the tips below to aid in that process.

Mosquito Repellents

Sprays, candles and other types of mosquito repellents are great to use when outdoors. Citronella is the most common repellent but others are also available. They work for short periods of time for both kids and adults. The best part is the products are sold at many stores and are usually inexpensive.

Natural Repellents

Along with products noted above, many products you have in the kitchen and pantry may also ward off mosquitos. This includes peppermint and sage, two scents the mosquito doesn’t enjoy. You may also try thyme and rosemary to keep mosquitoes off of your property.

Remove Water Sources

Mosquitoes are attracted to water. It takes only a teaspoon of water to attract a mosquito from miles away. Keep your property clean and ensure that water doesn’t pile up, especially nearby A/C units.

Mosquito Control

With one call to a mosquito control company grand rapids you can ensure your home isn’t the best place in town for this pest. The Cost of mosquito control varies but it is inexpensive enough that you should make that call. It is the absolute best way to keep your home mosquito-free.

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Last Word

Use the tips above to help keep mosquitoes away from your home. This pest can ruin summer plans but only if you allow it to happen. Take control this summer!

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