How Do You Get Dental Implants?

Dental implants are false teeth that need to be surgically installed into your mouth.  This procedure is performed when our natural teeth are no longer able to sustain themselves or if they have fallen out.  Throughout our lives we will have to deal with our teeth on a regular basis.  When they fall out or are removed surgically, we can look at getting dental implants.  So, the big question is, what is involved with dental implant surgery milwaukee?

The consultation

Before any dental or medical procedure is done on you a consultation is needed.  A consultation is simply a meeting or a series of meetings where you will be talked to by the doctor, medical exams will be performed, x-rays taken, and a full assessment of your options is made. 

Once this is done you will come in and talk to the doctor and get your assessment.  In this assessment they will go over all of your options and help walk you through making your final decisions.

Prep work

Once you have been told what to do and have made your decision it is time to do prep work.  This prep work can take some time depending on your specific situation.  In the prep work they will remove all of the necessary teeth from your mouth, allow that to heal and then go and install a mouth plate.  Once the mouth plate is installed and has healed it will be time to install the teeth. 


dental implant surgery milwaukee

This entire process will require surgery and time.  It isn’t something that will happen overnight, or will it be a quick fix.  When we have surgery, we need to make sure that we are healthy enough for surgery, don’t have any other underlining problems and can afford the time, expense and pain.

When it comes to getting dentures or other replacement teeth, the end result will outweigh all other options.  Make sure that you try and keep your natural teeth as long as possible it will be less expensive and painful in the long run.

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