Banner Design Tips

When we hear the word banner, we picture a large piece of paper, plastic or sign that stretches across a large area announcing a grand opening, store closing or some other major event.  When we look at a banner our minds are conditioned to look and focus on them.  For this reason, banner printing is a major marketing tool for business big and small and could really help drive foot traffic if done correctly.


banner printing

Color is key.  You want to have an attractive color for your banner in order to get people to notice it.  White, yellow and blue seem to be the best color choices for a banner.  These colors grab our attention quickly and from the side view as well. 


Make your fonts simple and clean.  Don’t have fancy swirling fonts or fonts that are hard to read.  When choosing a font it is important that they are clean and can be read from a distance.  Trying to squint and decipher a word will quickly move the person away from reading your banner and taking action.


Your message needs to be clear as well.  Keep your banners short and to the point.  Use a graphic when possible and ensure that arrows, pointers and other design options are used sparingly.  You don’t want to put something on your banners that could possibly change in the near future.  Keep your message generic and state your purpose.  Grand Opening, SALE, 50% – 70% off.  These are all good messages you can have in your signs and ones that you should implement when crafting your message.

Plan your strategy

Before investing in a banner or other type of messages you want to form a strategy.  This strategy will need to enhance your retention, time people will view your banner and cause a desire to take action.  When you do this your banner will have an increased level effectiveness which is your ultimate goal.

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